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Friday, April 24, 2015

Easy Soft and Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies

From the kitchen of One Perfect Bite...I think you'll like these chewy cookies. I made them because I had committed a batch of cookies to a bake sale, and while I wanted something good, I didn't want to spend hours in the kitchen making them. I've had great luck with the recipes that I've retrieved from Serious Eats and this is one of their recipes. This is a basic sugar cookie that is made with melted butter and brown sugar. While the brown sugar influences the color of the cookies and gives them a caramel taste, the melted butter makes the cookies less cake-like and more dense than the creamed version of the cookie. Because it is made with melted butter the dough can be used immediately without chilling. No special equipment, save fora bowl and wooden spoon, is required to make the cookies, so they are great to have in your roster if you have occasion to work in a sub par kitchen. If you need a small batch of cookies in a hurry, you might want to give this recipe a try. Here is how these cookies are made.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cherry Bombs (Scones) for Big and Little Kids

Cornmeal-Cherry Scones

From the kitchen of One Perfect Bite...These scones were named by a young visitor who was in the kitchen, watching, as I made them for breakfast this past weekend. They are shaped liked small balls when they go into the oven and, for whatever reason, the addition of dried cherries made him think of fireworks and cherry bombs. I will be the first to admit these are homely and there appearance might not lure you to the table, but their taste will, and I feel certain that once bitten, they will make return visits to your table. The recipe comes The Cheese Board: Collected Works and it was featured on Food52. I bookmarked the recipe because the scones were simple to make and they could be prepared without the use of an electric mixer or food processor. That makes them a prime candidate for vacation breakfast that have to be prepared in bare bones kitchens. These are really quite good. While the cornmeal adds crunch and some texture to the scones, the addition of dried berries, prevents them from being just another version of cornbread. I happened to have dried cherries in the pantry, so I followed the recipe as it was written, but having tasted them, I think dried blueberries or cranberries would work equally well. The scones are quite short and crumbly, so make sure the kids are sitting at the table to eat them, or you'll spend the remainder of the morning cleaning up their crumbs. If you have an air-tight container the scones will keep for up to three days and still make for pleasant eating. I do hope you'll give this recipe a try. Here is how the scones are made.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mid-Week Musings

Secrets to a Long-Term Marriage

There is a class of recognition that I've come to think of as "Dubious Distinction Awards." You may have one or two of them packed away and disintegrating in a box under your attic eaves. I count among mine, citations for "Perfect Attendance" and, my favorite, from a cooking contest, an award for "Oldest Contestant". In both cases, all I had to do was show up, and I guess the just showing up part, helps to explain why I'm asked for advice about long-term marriage. Bob and I celebrated our 52nd wedding anniversary this week and the number of years we have been together leads some to believe I know more about marriage than I really do. Actually, I'm as awed by that number as they are. Bob is a scientist, and while I am many things, no one has ever accused me of being scientific. A friend once observed that if Bob and I were asked to chronicle the end of the world, Bob's final entry would be, "destruction began at 1030 as a shock wave traversed the planet," while mine would read, "O God, the humanity." Suffice it to say, we are very different people. We married young and the odds against our marriage lasting even five years were pretty slim. I think they stopped short of casting lots, but few thought our marriage would last as long as it has. Everyone except us.


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